Watch weirdest, silliest and freakiest ads of the year 2010 (VIDEO)

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Watch weirdest, silliest and freakiest ads of the year 2010 (VIDEO)

It’s that time of year again—when Adweek grit our teeth and pick the weirdest, goofiest, grossest, silliest and freakiest ads of the year. The 2010 crop had it all: death, sex, zombies, farting, car accidents, domestic abuse, cancer, clowns, guys rubbing their own testicles on their face. You really couldn’t ask for much more. Check out the winners (in some cases, losers) below. We still have a month to go in 2010, so we promise to update this list with anything particularly insane from December. For now, enjoy.

The American edition Adweek picked the weirdest, goofiest, grossest, silliest and freakiest ads of the year.

In the first place was video It Rarely Stops. released by the agency Young & Rubicam Chicago for the National Domestic Violence Hotline, a nonprofit organization to fight domestic violence.
Bruises and cuts heal on a battered woman’s face, only to bloom anew, in this harrowing PSA from director Dave Meyers and Y&R in Chicago, depicting the endless cycle of domestic violence. The stark approach evocatively and depressingly illustrates the tagline, “It rarely stops.” The bathroom, with its door cracked open and spooky windows, heightens the feeling of unease. So does the dirge-y soundtrack (Emoto’s version of Peter Gabriel’s “Mercy Street”). It’s a quietly sad, sickening, hypnotic experience. So much so that the woman’s sudden movement at the end—presumably hearing her abuser return—is exceptionally jarring. But the spot also offers the possibility of freedom from stasis—a hotline number for when it’s time to stop hoping and start healing.

The second line of the rating took infomercial Sony Playstation. Idea of the video was developed by the agency Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi from Argentina.

A man with a baby’s head. Or is it a baby with a man’s body? Either way, it’s disconcerting. This point of this Argentine spot for the PS3 was that gamers should retain their childlike wonder as they grow older—or as the tagline says, “Live in a state of play.” Thus, we see our heroic but confused man-baby progressing through life in a literally regressive state, playing with his shaving cream and a female co-worker’s earring, giggling at remote-control car locks—but unable to hold back the tears when confronted with a barking dog. He’s an emotional wreck, which actually doesn’t seem like a very fun way to live. Still, the commercial does have its charms, with the expert special effects endowing the overgrown baby with a freaky quality that’s endearing as well.

On the third line of the rating experts put the other work of Argentinean agency – Santo.
A shoe-car hunts down an ass-car in a remote desert, corners it and kicks its ass in this insane video for Diesel sneakers. Then, surprisingly, a love affair ensues. The pair ride off together into the sunset, locked in an obscene embrace, as copy reads: “I feel I wasn’t made for running, but to kick you tender till the end of time.” There was plenty of assvertising in 2010, and this global Diesel campaign supplied about half of it. Dozens of videos and print ads offered the same basic message: that asses are made for kicking, preferably by Diesel-made footwear.

On the fourth line turned out The year’s most off-putting visual—a guy rubbing a disembodied scrotum all over his face—was served up in this unbelievable video for the True Clean Towel. It’s a real product that features the outline of a body printed on it, so you know which part of the towel you should use to dry your face, and which part you should use to dry your groin—and never the twain shall meet. If you fail to keep track, the ad suggests, you will end up rubbing your genitals all over your face. “Know where your towel has been” is the tagline. The towel is available for $19 (or just $15 if you order by Dec. 3). “By working our butts off, we have kept costs down,” the creators explain on the Web site. Technically, though, they worked their balls off. The Old Spice guy, arbiter of all things male and bathroom, would not approve.

5. Snickers”Grocery Store Lady” Agency: BBDO New York

6. DRENCH”Cubehead” Agency: CHI & Partners London

7. SUSSEX SAFER ROADS”Embrace Life” Director: Daniel Cox Sussex, England

8. BFF (WOMEN AGAINST VIOLENCE) “Stairs” Agency: Young & Rubicam Frankfurt, Germany

9. SKITTLES”Tube Sock” Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day New York

10. WALMART “Clown” Agency: Publicis & Hal Riney San Francisco

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