Barack Obama angry kicks the door : Fake or Real? (video)

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Barack Obama angry kicks the door : Fake or Real? (video)
NBC ‘s Video shocked the audience: the U.S. president completes a press conference, leaves podium and  kicks the door open.
In fact, video was a joke. The funny video, which lasts 15 seconds, was shown in the popular The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
However, even some journalists have succumbed to the hype – so much is made of high quality installation. At first viewing you can’t  suspecte that the recording is fake. Says

President Barack Obama with a beautiful front kick to a door following another tough day leading the free world. And by free, we mean unemployment benefits for all. Forever.

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3 Responses

  1. The pickle puss says it all; no need to kick the door.

  2. Really. Then how come NBC (A leader in world news organization) and attends att conference meetings would have to stoop so low that they turn to Jay Lenno as a place to get news stories? You say first it was aired by NBC then you tell us it was a joke because it was on JL?? I have a feeling you are twisting the facts a snag from it was aired on NBC and then Jay Lenno aired it as one of his shows joke. Jay Lenno isn’t even allowed to those meetings as he is not a real journalist. NBC being owned by the government I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t threatened into saying it was a joke after it got aired.

  3. AMDFAN- Is English your second language? The original video was from NBC. The real end of the video was removed and the fake part was tacked onto the end by the Jay Leno staff as a joke.
    Now do you get it?

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