European Jewish Congress: Jews and Muslims to speak more with each other

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Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor (EJC)

Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor (EJC)

Jews and Muslims offered to speak more with each other
President of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) Viatcheslav Kantor, speaking at a meeting of European Muslim and Jewish leaders in Brussels, called on Europe to improve Muslim-Jewish relations.
“I consider it very important that Jews and Muslims have more to say to each other and less – about each other. Point the finger at the other side and claim that it is the root of all evil on this planet, can be simply and conveniently, however, mostly is wrong and counterproductive “- Kantor said.

He noted that the existence on the basis of tolerance and reconciliation, the European society is very important to an appropriate education from kindergarten. “This is the most important thing for our future. We must pay more attention to and invest in it heavily,” – said the head of EJC.

Kantor added that another extremely important for the principles of tolerance and reconciliation thing is the historical truth. “We must be sure that proceed from the same facts. The historical truth – is the best way to understand that black and white that” – he said.

According to the president of Congress, to reconcile the need for appropriate laws: “We know that political leaders is difficult to come to the world. Therefore, something must be higher than diplomacy, is above politics, namely the law which should be above all this.”

“We do not have in Europe a strong set of laws on tolerance and reconciliation. It is important to understand how we can come to depersonification reconciliation process, which should be higher than our desires. It is important to understand how to grow a tree of knowledge. Any wild plant will grows without our support. But tolerance and reconciliation – is artificial trees, the trees of our experience and knowledge. Only in this case, it grows and bears fruit, “- said the head of EJC.

According to Kantor, the best way to implement all these goals – in Europe to establish a special university safety and tolerance.

Meeting took place in Brussels on December 6. Was organized by the EJC, the European Jewish Fund (EJF), and the World Jewish Congress Foundation and international understanding. The collection also visited the President of the European Council of

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