Hospital for pornstars will be closed in U.S.

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In the United States to close the hospital for pornstars
Department of Health of Los Angeles has decided to close the hospital for pornstars, which in October was diagnosed  HIV in 24-year-old actor Derrick Burts.

At the psychiatric hospital, the full name of which sounds is Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, did not have the necessary license. Work of the clinic was suspended.

The decision to close the hospital was after Derrick Burt, who had worked as a pornstar only seven months, criticized the organizers of the filming industry for the neglect  security of actors. In particular, he demanded that the compulsory use of condoms.

Burts also complained that he did not have timely medical assistance. The clinic denied the allegations.

In October, four major studios producing porn, stopped filming for several weeks for medical examination of the actors who starred with Burt.

Case with the discovery of HIV in porn star was the first last year. The most well-known similar case occurred in 2004 when the disease was found in 14 actors.

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