Vladimir Putin singing in English (VIDEO)

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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Friday evening at a charity evening in St. Petersburg played the piano, sang “How to start a Homeland,” and also sang a song in English.

Admission to the arena, the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg, was dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer and ophthalmologic diseases. After the speech, jazz band one of the leaders approached the table where sat Putin and invited him to sing something. “Are you kidding?” – Asked Putin.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin today sprang a surprise on a crowd of Hollywood celebrities by singing a song in English and playing a tune from a popular Soviet-era spy movie on piano at a charity concert in his home town St. Petersburg.

Sharon Stone, Kevin Costner, Monica Bellucci, Mickey Rourke, Paul Anka and many other western stars were present at the charity event to raise funds for Russia”s children suffering from cancer, NTV channel reported.

“Like the majority of people, I cannot sing nor play music, but still love doing it,” Putin said when asked by anchor to come to stage.

TV footage showed him singing Louis Armstrong”s ”Blueberry Hill” accompanied by a Jazz band.

Putin displayed a good ”musical ear” and played the tune of the Soviet song ”From Where the Motherland Begins” from a spy movie, which he also sang with the 10 deported Russian spies from America in July.

Putin”s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said his mentor is taking lessons of English language and piano.

He could not say why he chose the song “Blueberry Hill” written in 1940 and performed by Glenn Miller and Lois Armstrong.

In his recent interview to Larry King of CNN, Putin had said that he was learning English songs from his teacher.

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