Turkey included Israel to main threat list

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Turkish National Security Council has made Israel a list of countries, representing an external threat. On this October 30 reported The Jerusalem Post.
The Security Council adopted a National Security Strategy of Turkey, which will operate in the next five years. In this document the actions of Israel in the Middle East for the first time in a long time openly regarded by Turkey as threatening. In the Security Council considers that Israel’s actions could trigger an arms race between the Middle Eastern countries. In this case, the Turkish authorities stressed that the Middle East should not receive a nuclear weapon.

At the same time the Security Council of Turkey removed from the list of countries, representing an external threat, Syria, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia and Iran. Previously appeared in the media about that from the list may be excluded as Russia, ranked in the list even in Soviet times. However, while this information is not confirmed.

The newspaper Haaretz said that the last time Turkey has openly considered Israel as a threat to external security in 1949. Serious deterioration of relations between Turkey and Israel was seen in the spring of 2010, when Israeli troops landed on the marching under the Turkish flag vessel is the so-called “freedom flotilla.” In a special operation killed nine passengers of the vessel, which carried humanitarian aid to Israel blockaded Gaza Strip.

After the incident with the “freedom flotilla” Turkey has recalled its ambassador from Israel, but Israel has evacuated from Turkish families of its diplomats

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