Umberto Eco The Prague cemetery 200,000 copies are out

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In Italy, on sale a new novel by Umberto Eco, “The Prague cemetery.” The book was published in volume 528 pages huge for Italy with a circulation of 200,000 copies.
The protagonist of the novel is a Captain Simonini, adventurer and spy. According to the publishers, in the book are tied together many historical events such as the Dreyfus affair, the Paris Commune, the Risorgimento,wars, revolution, conspiracy, intrigue and assassination. As the author stresses, all the heroes of the Prague cemetery existed in fact, except the main character, who is a collective manner. According to Eco, he tried to make Captain Simonini “the most repulsive cynical world literature.”

One of the main themes of the novel was the emergence of modern anti-Semitism, in particular, production of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – a forged collection of texts with which its creators (in all probability, a Russian journalist Matthew Golovin, who lived in France) was calculated to” prove “the existence of global zhidomasonskogo conspiracy. Appears in the title of the novel a cemetery – it is the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague, where buried, in particular, Yehuda Lev ben Bezalel, the chief rabbi of Prague at the turn of XVI-XVII centuries, the creator of the legendary Golem.

“Prague cemetery” – the sixth novel by Umberto Eco. He was released exactly 30 years after his debut work of art – “Name of roses.” As noted by RIA Novosti, Elena Kostyukovich, translated into Russian all the previous novels Echo, has already started working on the translation of the Prague cemetery.

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