Californian Rapist surrendered to police in live broadcast (VIDEO)

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Convicted of sexual offenses, a California resident who removed hus ankle monitors and disappeared surrendered to KTLA reporter Eric Spillman during Thursday’s live broadcast.

Morning of October 28, when correspondent KTLA conducted live coverage from the streets of Los Angeles, Valentino Rodriguez Jr., approached him and said he wanted to do “the right thing.” Soon the police arrived at the scene and took the man to the police station.

October 4,46-year-old Rodriguez was released early, but he was obliged to wear a monitor bracelet and report to the police. According to him, he got rid of the device using the scissors on Monday during an attack of paranoia.

Rodriguez, who described himself as a schizophrenic, told viewers that had planned to throw himself under a bus or hang himself, but then decided he did not want to go to hell.

Meanwhile, notes KTLA, in California are still seeking another rapist, who also cut off after the liberation of tracking bracelet and disappeared.


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