Arabian Hotel regretted Christmas tree for $ 11 million

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Arabian Hotel regretted Christmas tree for $ 11 million

The hotel management in Abu Dhabi, which has recently been installed 13-foot Christmas tree decorated with gold, pearls and rubies, expressed regret over the decision to put a festive tree, according to Associated Press .

The hotel has noted that by setting a spruce, overdid it with the desire to capture the spirit of Christmas. According to representatives of hotels, tree, whose cost amounted to $ 11 million, is tasteless and unprofessional creation of a jeweler, working at the hotel. In the official statement of the hotel stated that the responsibility for decorating the tree lies entirely on the jeweler, and the hotel has become a platform to demonstrate the fruits of his labor.

Hotel in the capital of United Arab Emirates, presented the 11 millionth tree a few days ago. Christmas tree, decorated with precious stones, became the most expensive holiday tree in the world.

In the UAE, where most residents are Muslim, Christmas trees – a mandatory attribute of the winter holiday. Many hotels and shopping centers are established trees in deference to the traditions of foreigners coming to the winter holidays in the UAE

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