Margaret Thatcher is the most influential woman in the world

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Margaret Thatcher is the most influential woman in the world

Margaret Thatcher won first place in the British rankings of the most influential women, reported Monday the newspaper Guardian.
British Opinion Research Center and AOL UK YouGov conducted the online poll commissioned by the site among 2,048 residents in the age of 16 years or older in order to identify which of the 25 women known to have the greatest credibility in the eyes of Englishwomen .

In the first place, “Iron Lady” put 31 percent of the respondents. In the second proved to be a nurse and social activist of the XIX century Florence Nightingale (26 percent). The third line of the rating took Mother Teresa (Agnes Gondzha Boyadjiev) – Roman Catholic nun, devoted her life to helping the poor and the sick (25).

Queen Elizabeth II got fourth place. Fifth place – the Oprah Winfrey Show, the sixth position was shared by Michelle Obama and JK Rowling. The only representative of show business, ranked in the top ten – the actress Joanna Lumley – ranked seventh line. Behind her is Anne Frank – author of the diary, condemning Nazism.Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice received 9 percent of respondents golsov and last place. Completing the top ten businesswoman Anita Roddick and feminist Griir Germany.

The work of sociologists found that most women view about who they would like, essentially differ from the paradigm of magazines and television programs on secular life – British Model Kate Moss has got only 25 th place.

At the same time, sociologists point out that only 2 percent of respondents would like to trade places with Thatcher, while 26 percent agreed to exchange his life for the author of books about Harry Potter.

Among those qualities that powerful women are obligated to their success, respondents expressed a preference for liability, then – and then the hard work – the mind. Attractive appearance mandatory attribute of a successful lady named only 2 per cent.

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