Yemeni airports impose unusual test methods

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Yemeni authorities on Sunday, October 31, decided to introduce a test for all, without exception, goods that are sent from the country by air. It is reported by local news agency Saba.
To intensify inspections have been made in connection with the recent interception in Dubai and England, two explosive devices that were shipped by plane from Yemen. According to the agency, in order to “maximize security for outbound inspection will be used” unusual methods “. In what way would be to their unusual nature, the agency did not explain.

In addition, according to Saba, at all airports in the country will be enhanced overall security.

Explosive devices were found on Oct. 28 while checking goods in transit in airports in Dubai and London. Information on the bombs have provided security services of Saudi Arabia. Soon after the discovery of parcels of explosives temporary cease sending any goods has been introduced in parts of the Yemeni postal companies UPS and FedEx. In addition, both clarifies Agence France-Presse, all employees of the two operators working in the capital of Yemen, Sana’a, were detained for questioning.

The next day, after the discovery of explosive devices on suspicion of being sent to Yemen, was arrested on a local student. Later, suspicions of her were dropped, and she was released. Main defendants of the case on the organization sending bombs consequence calls Ibrahim Hasan al-Asiri (Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri), without specifying his nationality.

It is assumed that he was connected with al-Qaeda, and that he attributed to the organization of another terrorist attack failed, when in December 2009, Nigerian Umar Farooq Mutallab tried to detonate a bomb aboard the plane en route from Amsterdam to Detroit.

According to investigators, captured in Dubai and Britain bomb intended for the synagogue in Chicago. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron suggested that the device found in London were to blow up the plane.

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