Pontiac brand has ceased to exist

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Pontiac brand has ceased to exist

On Sunday, 31 October, the American carmaker Pontiac has ceased to exist, said the publication The Detroit News. On the same day expired agreement of General Motors brand with dealers throughout the United States who have a total of about two dozen remained unsold cars, some car dealers were not able to sell for nearly two years.
The decision to close the brand Pontiac, which first appeared on the market 84 years ago, was made of GM in April last year as part of the restructuring. In the past few years, sales of “Pontiac” is constantly decreasing: for example, in 1968, Americans bought nearly a million vehicles of the brand, in 2008 the number of models sold had fallen to 267,000, while in 2010 the share of the company had less than one percent of all sold machinery group GM. At the end of this year, GM expects to sell 2.2 million vehicles.
The reason for the sharp decline in demand for cars Pontiac called the wrong development strategy for the brand – this brand sold perelitsovannye model Chevrolet, which, according to former vice president of General Motors, Bob Lutz, a very negative impact on the company’s image. “In the past,” Pontiac “was not a passion, the desire to make a good product. It was just a product that was needed to fit into the existing corporate system,” – told The Detroit News, Bill Hoglund, who led by Pontiac in the 80’s of last century.
The last car brand Pontiac rolled out the factory in Orion, Mich., in late November last year. This car was a white sedan G6. As previously reported, in 2011 at the enterprises where collected “Pontiac”, will produce a model group GM. Up to this point the workers will be involved in work for the conversion of the pipeline.
In addition to Pontiac concern General Motors has also decided to get rid of brand Hummer (it planned to buy a Chinese company, but the deal later fell through) and Saturn (the brand tried to sell one of the largest GM dealers in the U.S., a group of Penske, but the agreement also has not been concluded). In addition, the Russian-Canadian consortium Savings-Magna planned to sell and Opel, but GM decided not to complete the deal in the final stages of negotiations. Buyer found only on the Saab – Swedish brand was acquired by Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker.

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