DAFTAS 2010 Winners: Octopus Paul is the most unusual animal

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Octopus Paul DAFTAS Winner

DAFTAS 2010 Winners: Octopus Paul is the most unusual animal

In Britain declared winner DAFTA Awards, which awards for the most weird and funny situations and events of the year. The award is given in ten categories – Organizers say the ceremony of unusual animals, funny invention, funny, crime and more.

So, the winner of DAFTA in the nomination “The most unusual story associated with the animal, became the octopus Paul, who correctly predicted the results of the eight matches of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Paul the psychic octopus, the boffins behind spray-on clothes and an explorer who woke up with his head in the mouth of a polar bear are just some of the winners of a new odd news award.

Gongs were also awarded to police in Hampshire who released an e-fit which looked like a head of lettuce and makers of a bra which can be used to store a bottle of wine.

Celebrating the best weird news stories of 2010, the DAFTAS Awards had shortlisted bizarre stories in ten categories ranging from Crazy Crime and Weird Science to Odd Animal Tale.

A panel of judges comprising journalists, broadcasters and comedians then voted to pick their favourites which were announced today (Monday) on the website DAFTAS.com.

Other winners included an artist who created a portrait using 9,852 slices of toast (Off-Beat Art) and a tattooist who was charged with assault after drawing a 40cm penis on the back of his friend (Crazy Crime).

Paul Yarrow – dubbed the ‘news raider’ after appearing in the background of dozens of live news broadcasts – scooped the DAFTAS Personality of the year, beating Wayne Rooney, the Stig and Paul the Octopus to the title.

DAFTAS Awards organiser Simon Crisp said: “At the end of a year it’s all too easy to look back and remember only the biggest and most important events.

We wanted to celebrate the lighter side of the news, the things which barely qualify as news but are the stories people like to talk about at the pub or when they should be working.

DAFTAS Winners:

  1. Odd Animal Tale – Paul the octopus becomes World Cup star
  2. Crazy Crime – Man charged over unwanted 40cm penis tattoo
  3. Off-Beat Art – Portrait made from 9,852 slices of toast
  4. Oops – Police release bizarre lettuce head e-fit
  5. Funny Product – Wine rack bra conceals boozy boobs
  6. Lucky to be Alive – Explorer wakes with head in polar bear’s mouth
  7. PR Stunt – Jars of fresh air given to city workers
  8. Record Breaker – Biggest ever Coke and Mentos fountain
  9. Personality Of 2010 – Paul Yarrow, News Raider

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