Kate Moss wants to open a modeling school

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Supermodel Kate Moss

Kate Moss wants to open a modeling school

Kate Moss has expressed a desire to open a school for beginning models. She stated this in an interview , fragments of which have appeared in The Daily Telegraph . According to the 36-year old supermodel, she wanted to teach those who want to connect life with the fashion.

(The Daily Telegraph) British model Kate Moss thinks she’s got what it takes to open a modelling academy

She’s been at the top of her game for over 20 years, appearing on countless magazine covers, starring in numerous advertising campaigns, has created fashion collections bearing her name for Topshop, launched six perfumes, and designed bags for Longchamp. So could launching a modelling school be the next step for Croydon-born supermodel Kate Moss?

In an interview with Company magazine , Moss, 36, revealed how thinks she has what it takes to teach young hopefuls a thing or two about the art of being a model.

“I think I could open a modelling school. In Britain’s Next Top Model they put the contestants through the torture of what modelling can be like. And it honestly can be humiliating” she said.

Moss believes that the key to being a successful model isn’t all about posing and pouting. “I guess you need an eye for art,” she explains, “and also to get into your head that it’s not you – you’re somebody else. You have to be somebody else to be able to move like somebody else and act like somebody else.”

Having worked with renowned fashion photographers and stylists since she was ‘discovered’ at the age of 14, a modelling school could prove to be a lucrative business move. But what would she call her ‘academy? When prompted Moss came up with: “Kate’s Modelling School? Moss’s Models? Put Moss’s Models Down!”

But her encouraging words for those wanting to break into the world of modelling are that you don’t have to be perfect: “I’m very short and I’m completely lopsided – I’m not like those perfect, gorgeous Brazilians. But if you learn how to work it, then that’s

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