Canadian Media received the flight plan of Santa Claus

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NAV Canada says they don’t who leaked flight plan for Captain S. Claus, who is scheduled to fly around the globe Dec. 24.

Canadian Media received the flight plan of Santa Claus

Canadian news agencies and publications have received the flight plan and route for Santa Claus. The official document was sent to the offices on Wednesday, December 23.Aviation authorities are not confirming the details of a leaked flight plan for Dec. 24, but did say the pilot is “a very jolly fellow.”

The flight plan and itinerary made its way into inboxes in newsrooms across the country Wednesday and shows that a pilot known as Capt. S. Claus is planning to fly from the North Pole on Friday.

“All we can confirm is that a sleigh-like aircraft powered by nine flying reindeer will be departing the North Pole on Christmas Eve to deliver packages all around the world. That could be anyone,” a spokesman for NAV Canada, the civil air navigation services provider, said in a release.

Other details from the flight plan indicate the flight will last 24 hours, there are “many” destinations, the sled is bright red and the route includes the “homes of all the nice children in the world.”

Perhaps completely unrelated, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence Command) will be tracking Santa Claus on Friday. Those wanting to watch Santa’s journey can log on to Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps or Google Earth.

And Transport Canada has cleared Santa for flight on Christmas Eve.

“Transport Canada is pleased to announce that Santa has passed all his required pre-flight tests and is ready to make his deliveries again this year,” the agency said in a release.

Mrs. Claus (no first name given) also made a statement in the release, noting her husband almost didn’t pass his physical tests.

“Santa is a wonderful pilot, and as you may know, he has to pass his medical and flight tests,” said Mrs. Claus.

“All those late nights and calories in the workshop were starting to add up, and I was concerned that he wasn’t going to be cleared to fly. But all is well as long as he just says no to the cookies as he makes his rounds.”

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