Represented by a solar-powered keyboard

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Represented by a solar-powered keyboard

Logitech introduced a wireless keyboard K750, running from the built-in solar panels. The device will connect to your laptop or computer by a radio signal, according to an official press release.
Built-in rechargeable keyboard can be charged as from sunlight or from artificial sources of light in the room. The manufacturer claims that battery life for the keyboard in the dark with a full battery charge will amount to three months.

Solar panels K750 located at the top of the keyboard. In this device, users will be able to download the Logitech site specific application that will regulate the battery charge level.

As the correspondent of “Heathcliff!” The press service of Logitech, the device will go on sale in Russia in the spring of 2011 at a cost of about 4 thousand rubles. Starting K750 in the U.S. and Europe is scheduled for January. And in the U.S. keyboard will be sold for $ 80

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