Near British schools Will be no fast food

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In the fight against childhood obesity, the UK authorities will increase the number of districts where the fast food ban be placed near schools, wrote on October 25 The Daily Mail.

According to the publication, fast food restaurants deliberately cut prices on popular dishes among adolescents, and luring students from school canteens, which sell more healthy food. According to a survey of fifty heads of boards of various districts of the UK for more than half are willing to impose a ban on fast food proximity to schools. As the newspaper notes, in British law the municipalities are among the structures responsible for the health of schoolchildren.

For the first time the British government encouraged local authorities to protect the school from fast food in June 2010 after the administration of the Catholic primary school named after Bishop Chaloner (Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate School) won in the High Court in London a lawsuit against the district council Tower Hamlets authorizing the fast food chains Fried & Fabulous put the diner in the 450 meters from the school.

The first executive authority, to place yourself banned fast food restaurants near schools, became a council area Uogltem Forrest in east London, which last year introduced around the school 400-meter zone free of fast food.

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