FBI asked the sniper fired on Pentagon to call

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FBI asked the sniper fired on Pentagon to call

The FBI has asked the sniper who fired on the Pentagon building, the Museum of the Marine Corps and two recruiting stations to contact them, reports in Friday The Associated Press.
The first incident was reported Oct. 17, when traces of bullets found at the Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, about 50 miles south of Washington. A few days later, the fire was subjected to the Pentagon, then the recruiting station the Marines in the town of Chantilly, was then fired at the same museum. Finally, on Tuesday the consequences of the shots found at the recruiting office the Coast Guard in Vulbridzhe.

When shelling used the same rifle, told the FBI, and all affected buildings are within 65 kilometers of each other. It suggests that shot the same person, possibly a former Marine, offended by their superiors.

An attacker operates at night, when the objects are no people, so the FBI investigators have concluded that to him should not target someone to injure or kill.

The FBI often publicly calls to surrender suspects in the crimes, recalled the former head of crisis talks departments Nosner Gary (Gary Noesner). Similar appeals were addressed to “the Washington sniper John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, who killed ten people in the U.S. capital in October 2002. Once they were caught, it turned out that they repeatedly rang the “hot line”, but their calls have not paid enough attention.

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