New Guinness world record for a handshake (video)

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World record for a handshake

Representatives of New Zealand and Nepal have established a new record for the duration of the handshake – they did not break the arms in a welcoming gesture for 33 hours and 3 minutes, . Record-breaking event was held at Times Square in New York.

TVNZA Kiwi who has held the second highest number of Guinness World records has just broken another one in New York.
Aucklander Alastair Galpin from Mount Albert, and fellow Kiwi Don Purdon, have broken the record for the world’s longest continuous handshake (shared): setting a record of 33 hours and 3 minutes, along with a team from Nepal.
Galpin said originally four teams entered and had been practising hard, but the paramedic had to be called for one team.
“By the time of breaking through the existing Guinness World Record time of 19 hours 30 minutes and 45 seconds, there were just us (the New Zealand team) and the team from Nepal.
“After 33 hours, we all decided that enough was enough and shook hands over a deal to allow us to finish the record attempt at the same time and share the world record time.”
Galpin and Purdon called their world record attempt ” Shaking it for Downs” – and were fundraising for the Auckland Downs Syndrome Association.

Meanwhile the man who holds the most world records has featured on an ABC item tonight.
Ashrita Furman, 56, has the distinction of being the official Guinness World Record holder for holding the most world records .

He holds around 125 of them, including bizarre achievements like running the fastest mile with empty aluminum cans strapped to the soles of his shoes, and the fastest mile while hula-hopping, which he set in the Australian outback. He has the record for the fastest mile bouncing on a yoga ball (on the Great Wall of China), farthest distance while balancing a pool cue (by the Great Pyramids in Egypt), and farthest distance jumping rope on a pogo stick (Cambodia).

Asked why he told ABC: “You know what? The point is joy. The point is the challenge. It’s something silly but you’re the best in the world at it.”

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