Error on Google Maps led to the invasion of Costa Rica by Nicaraguan Army

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Error on Google Maps led to the invasion of Costa Rica by Nicaraguan Army

The division of the Nicaraguan Army invaded the territory of Costa Rica, to orient properly on Google Maps. Reported by Costa Rican newspaper.

Unit commander explained his actions by saying that guided Google Maps, according to which the island Calero (Calero island), located in the middle of the river San Juan, belongs to Nicaragua. During the operation, the military built a makeshift camp on the island under the flag of Nicaragua, made a cutting of forest trees, and also carried out work on cleaning the river San Juan.

The border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica for the most part runs along the right bank of San Juan, but in some parts of the boundary line goes directly to the river. ” According to official maps, which are recognized by the governments of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, the island belongs Calero Costa Rican side.

Google representatives could not explain the reason for the error, but suggested that for the map were used outdated sources. Most of the media pointed out that the correct version of the map of this area offers one of the main rivals Google – Search Engine Bing, owned by Microsoft.

President of Costa Rica Chinchilya Laura (Laura Chinchilla) condemned the actions of the Nicaraguan military, but urged people to remain calm and resist “the provocation and aggression.” Minister for Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica turned to Google with a request promptly correct the mistake on the map. It should be noted that Costa Rica has no standing army, and hence the opportunity to take retaliatory action against Nicaragua.

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