Collision of Chinese and Japanese ships (Video)

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Collision of Chinese and Japanese ships (Video)

In the Internet there was a videotape of a maritime accident, which occurred between the Chinese and Japanese ships on September 7. As reported by Agence France-Presse, video appeared on YouTube in the evening on November 4.
In the video clearly shows how the Chinese trawler first is a parallel course with the Japanese vessel, but then abruptly changes the trajectory and crashed into his side. The recording was made by Japanese sailors from a ship subjected to an attack.

It is assumed that these are vessels, a collision which led to a conflict between Japan and China. Until November 4 video clip was shown only to the Prime Minister of Japan Naoto Kanu and several dozen Japanese parliamentarians. Earlier, the Japanese side stated that the record is not scheduled to publish in order to avoid an escalation of international conflict.

Surrounded by a Japanese prime minister expressed concern over the advent of video of the incident on YouTube. As the head of the Cabinet Office Iosito Sengoku (Yoshito Sengoku), China has made on this request through diplomatic channels.

Earlier, Beijing voiced protest over the fact that after the collision, Japan have arrested the ship and its captain. Shortly thereafter, they were released without charge, but this scandal is not over. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the incident occurred near disputed islands in the East China Sea, which Japan regards as its territory.

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