Supplier of Colombian cocaine arrested In Mexico

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Embassy of Colombia in Mexico City

Supplier of Colombian cocaine arrested In Mexico

Mexican authorities announced the arrest of Colombian drug lord, who is considered the largest supplier of cocaine from Colombia to Mexico. According to Xinhua, citing a statement issued by the Ministry of Public Security in Mexico, Harold Poveda Mauricio Ortega (Harold Mauricio Poveda Ortega) was detained along with another Colombians and two Mexicans.
I suspect seized two rifles, a pistol, two bags of cocaine and vehicle.

Poveda, also known by the nickname “Rabbit”, is accused in the fact that since 1998 has forwarded to Mexico for a total of 150 tons of cocaine. Later the drug also crossed into U.S. territory. At present charges against the drug lord nominated in both countries.

For the transport of cocaine Poveda and his accomplices used boats and submarines.

It is noted that the rabbit has acted as mediator between the Colombian drug cartels, “Norte del Valle and the Mexican cartel of Sinaloa. The main supplier of Poveda, in turn, was one of the leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

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