German celebrities advertising the German language

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German celebrities advertising the German language

Several German foreign-born celebrities took part in a campaign promoting the state language, reports BBC News.
The campaign posters calling for immigrants to learn German, these people are depicted with Their tongues hanging out, painted in the color of the flag of Germany.

Participated in the project known in a country minister, television host, a football player and two musicians. Captions read: “Do not be afraid to say” Turn to Life! ”

It is planned that the language in all senses of advertisement will be published in the most widely read publications of the country, including the newspaper “Hurriyet” published in Turkey.

The campaign began against the backdrop of fierce debate in the local political elite and society, dedicated to the problem of integrating immigrants into German society.

As acknowledged by Chancellor Angela Merkel, the policy of multiculturalism, which provides good-neighborly coexistence between people of different cultures and religions, and failed, so you need to actively encourage visitors to full-fledged entry into society.

Heated discussion on this topic turned after the publication of the book “Germany – self-destruction,” former board member of the Bundesbank, Thilo Sarratsina. In his work, he suggested that the continuation of current policies on immigration will cause the Islamization of the country and the collapse of its economic system.

After many German politicians have accused the banker of xenophobia, it became clear that his view is shared by most citizens.

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