New Volkswagen 1 Liter Car – 1 liter per 100 km/117.61MPG

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Volkswagen L1 - Prototype for a 1 Liter car
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At the Katar Motor Show 2011 in late January carmaker Volkswagen will present super economy model the 1 Liter car. It is called 1 Liter car as it is supposed to use less than 2 liter for 100 km (more than 117.61MPG).
This will be a production model, which will go into mass production in 2013. The model is based on the concept car L1, made its debut in 2009 in Frankfurt.
The 1 Liter car is powered by a one cylinder Diesel engine and carries two passengers. The leightweight chassis is made from carbon. You have to enter the car through a door in the big glass dome.

The problem I see with these super efficient cars is that they do not look like real cars. Maybe Volkswagen solved the problem and changed the design of the SEV to something that looks like a car.

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