Under a New York bridge half-century ago lost, ammunition found

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Divers found at the bottom of the New York harbor a lot of ammunition, belonging presumably to the postwar period.

The find was made almost under the bridge Verrazano. Last year in this area have already beed found some ammunition, so the experts decided to continue the search. As a result, at a depth of only six meters diver Gene Ritter found eight artillery shells, designed for firing at the planes, as well as a box with fifteen hundred heavy machine-gun bullets.

According to the preliminary version, found ammunition – the same ones that fell into the water from an incident March 4, 1954. On that day, the aircraft carrier USS Bennington “(USS Bennington), based in New York harbor, unloaded the ammunition on a special barge, which then had to take them to a safe place. However, it turned its back on shore, the barge hit a storm and sank, resulting in a munitions carrier were in the water.

Military divers removed most of the weapons out of the water, but more than 14,000 shells and have remained at the bottom. Search for remaining ammunition lasted several years, but could not find them until now. At the Pentagon, finding Ritter has not yet commented.

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