Mother found her three years-old-son playing with crocodile in the living room of her house

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crocodile in the living room In Brazil

Mother was shocked after seeing her three-year son playing with a crocodile in the living room of her house In Brazil.

Brazilian woman came to clean her house after the floods and she found her son playing with something behind the couch. That ‘something’ was a dangerous animal five feet Crocodile. She pulled the child form the crocodile immediately and called the police.

Apparently the crocodile was swept away by waters into the house said Fire brigade captain Luiz Claudio Farias, They were very lucky because the animal was not hungry. If it was hungry, could have seriously injured or even killing the child. The houses are built near rivers and tropical forests, so it is not unusual to see animals such as alligators and snakes in the houses “.

Fire Department personnel captured the crocodile and it was taken to a nearby environmental conservation reserve, where it was released

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