Tanning is more harmful than cigarettes, Research shows

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A tanning bed in use.

Sunbeds lethal as cigarettes

According to British researchers, a huge harm to women’s beauty and youth is the habit to visit the solarium or tanning in the sun. This leads to accelerated skin aging.

Tanning beds are now in the same category as cigarettes and asbestos when it comes to cancer.  A new report puts them into the World Health Organization‘s list of lifestyle choices that definitely cause the disease.

Research shows a 75-percent increase in skin tumors if tanning devices were used by people under the age of 30.  Dermatologists argue the idea that a tanning bed can create a base tan and prevent you from burning in real sunshine is simply a myth.

7 Reasons to Pull the Plug on Tanning Beds

1.According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), tanning beds are in the “group one” classification of carcinogens, along with asbestos, cigarettes and other known killers.

2.Research shows that, for those who start indoor tanning before age 30, the risk of skin cancer jumps by 75 percent.

3.Tanning salons just got more expensive. Starting July 1, 2010, a 10 percent tax was imposed on indoor tanning as part of the new health care plan.

4.Tanning lamps emit concentrated UVA rays, leading to greater wrinkling, sagging, and other signs of premature aging than exposure to the sun.

5.High-pressure “speed tanning” sunlamps emit up to 12 times more UVA rays than the sun.

6.Indoor tanning can be addictive. More than 39 percent of subjects in one study met the diagnostic criteria for addiction due to their use of tanning beds. They also reported increased symptoms of anxiety and substance abuse.

7.Spray tans and lotions make it easy to fake a realistic glow.

Even though by now most of us know indoor tanning is dangerous, that doesn’t stop an estimated 30 million people—including more than two million teens—from doing it anyway.

Second place among the bad habits takes regular unhealthy eating in fast foods restaurants, which destroys the woman’s body from the inside and harms female youth and beauty. Harm of these habits is much stronger than alcohol and cigarettes.

The latter study, conducted by American scientists also showed that alcohol abuse is a major cause of problems in females’ personal lives. Despite the fact that often the representatives of different sexes have the same bad habits, the tendency of one or both spouses to regularly use alcohol, greatly increases the likelihood of a quick divorce.

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