Indonesian Minister shaking hands with Michelle Obama surprised the country(VIDEO)

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Indonesian Minister shaking hands with Michelle Obama surprised the country

Indonesians were surprised handshakess of the conservative minister Tifatula Sembiringa American president and his wife Michelle Obama.

This happened during the official greeting of President Barack Obama and his wife in Jakarta. The fact that the Minister of Information Tifatul Sembiring has repeatedly stated that, as a devout Muslim, he avoids contact with women who have no family relationship with him.

Sembiring admitted that he shook hands with Michelle Obama, but noted that he did so against his will. He said to tens of thousands of readers on Twitter, that the U.S. first lady literally forced him to shake her hand.

However, recording greetings, laid out on YouTube, shows how Sembiring enthusiastically shaking hands with Barack Obama, and then compresses in both hands palm of the president’s wife. Video provoked heated debate in the social networking site Facebook,Twitter and the blogosphere.

Despite the fact that Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world, most people profess a very restrained form of Islam. Sembiring same at every opportunity emphasizes his conservatism. Minister of Information, also known for his controversial posts to Twitter. So, he wrote that he sees the cause of natural disasters in the decline of morality.

For Obama visit to Jakarta is partly a returning home, since he spent most of his childhood in Indonesia.

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