Mehmet Ali Agca accused the Vatican of ordering attempt on the Pope

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Mehmet Ali Agca accused the Vatican of ordering attempt on the Pope

Turk Mehmet Ali Agca, who served 20 years in an Italian prison for attempting to Pope John Paul II, the Turkish television broadcast said that the crime was planned by the Vatican.

According to him, the order to shoot the Pope John Paul II gave the Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Agostino Casaroli. In this case, as reported by Tertius, Agca said that he ordered another attack cardinal – Agostino Vallini, as planned – the chief of the papal intelligence Padre Michele.

“I was ordered not to kill but injure the Pope. said Mehmet Ali Agca:They told him ‘Do not Shoot the heart or head. Aim at the abdominal region’.

In addition, Agca said that he had received 50 thousand dollars, but his arrest was part of an overall plan.

Earlier, the Turkish gunman said that he was connected with certain Palestinian factions, and later – that he was hired by Bulgarian secret service.

It should be noted that Agca provided no evidence of this accusations, but it is known that he is currently advertising recently published autobiography.

The attempt on John Paul II was performed in Rome in 1981. For this crime Agca was sentenced to 20 years he spent in an Italian prison.

After that, he was given to Turkey, where he served another term for the murder of the editor of the newspaper “Milliyet” Abdi Ipekchi.

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