Mike Tyson VS PETA activists:Fight over Pigeon Racing

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PETA activists trying to get between Mike Tyson and his pigeons

PETA activists trying to get between Mike Tyson and his pigeons

Mike Tyson VS PETA activist’s new fight over Pigeon Racing

PETA activists, (people for the ethical treatment of animals), staged a protest near the house of former world boxing champion Mike Tyson. Members of PETA accused Tyson of abusing pigeons after the premiere of his program on the Animal Planet. They

plan to protest the show with the aim of having it cancelled.

PETA activists have even gone as far as asking the Brooklyn district attorney’s office to launch an investigation. Apparently concerned that the show will be cruel and will involve illegal gambling.

The first episode of Tyson’s program aired on Sunday, March 6. A former boxer, who always likes pigeons, spoke about his passion for racing with these birds. PETA is opposed to pigeon racing.

The protest action at the Tyson home in Las Vegas held on March 7

“Mike doesn’t give pigeons a fighting chance,” read some signs being held by the protesters. Others read: “Featherweights: No match for a heavyweight,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

“If Mike Tyson truly loved birds, he would fight for their protection — not force them into a ‘race’ that tears them away from their families and subjects them to injuries, exhaustion, and death,” PETA vice president Lisa Lange said.

(EastSideBoxing) Once when he was 9 years old, a 15 year old gang member came up to Tyson when he was playing with his pet pigeons and took one of them off him, Mike pleaded with him to give it back; the boy refused and slowly began turning the pigeons head until it snapped off. Tyson flew into a blind rage and attacked like a caged animal pummeling his foe with everything he had. Some locals witnessed this fistic beating of one of the areas most respected gang members and word got around, now he was known to the whole of Brownsville, not as Mike, but as Mike Tyson.

Tyson, who was the undisputed world champion in the heavyweight division, spent his last fight in professional boxing in June 2005. This year he turns 45 years old.

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