$ 42 million stolen from relief fund for Holocaust victims

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$ 42 million stolen from relief fund for Holocaust victims

17 U.S. residents charged with stealing 42 million dollars, which the German government has to compensate Holocaust victims. On Tuesday, November 9, reports BBC News.

Prosecutors allege that these people are misled by non-profit organization providing assistance to victims of the Nazis. As a result of their actions was made 5500 erroneous payments.

Six of the defendants worked at the association “The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.” Having established the fact of theft, the staff associations have contacted the FBI. The case is assigned to the Federal Court in Manhattan. If the defendants are found guilty, they will face up to 20 years in prison.

Prosecutors allege that between 2000 and 2009, six employees of the organization contributed to the payment of financial assistance to those people who were not entitled to compensation. Paid to fictitious victims of Nazi money scam shared with six other defendants.

It is also reported that some payments were made by people born after World War II. One of the claimants to compensation was not a Jew.

Association “The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, was founded in 1951 and facilitated the work of foundations providing compensation to victims of the Holocaust. Organization helped in the distribution of two types of compensation: lump-sum payment of 3600 dollars for refugees who have been persecuted by the Nazis, and a monthly payment of 411 dollars to Holocaust victims whose income is less than 16 thousand dollars a year.

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