New Virus H3N2 Mutation of Swine Flu Returns

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New Virus H3N2 Mutation of Swine Flu Returns

Doctors around the world are sounding the alarm: “swine flu or influenza H1N1 mutated into a new virus H3N2.

While H3N2 virus detected in the seven-month baby in the U.S. state of Illinois and a 46-year-old man in Pennsylvania in the United States.

The new triple-reassortant influenza – is right out of the three viruses that had previously been circulated. It consists of three pieces of the former viruses. But it is different in genetic structure.

Earlier, doctors said that “swine flu” outbreak in the Northern Hemisphere, which was awarded last autumn-winter period, has remained a dangerous mutation.

H1N1 influenza virus was detected at the end of March 2009 in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, where the first cases were reported with fatal consequences.In April of the same year, WHO declared pandemic flu, gradually raising the threat level, immediate measures were taken to a global vaccination against the virus.

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