USA Tsunami Warnings Center reports danger of tsunami in West Coast

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Tropical Storm Dianmu

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USA Tsunami Warnings Center reports danger of tsunami in West Coast

Tsunami Warning Center in the U.S. (Tsunami Warning Center) issued a press release, which reported on the danger of a tsunami on the whole western coast of the country, including the states of California, Washington and Oregon.  Americans urged to leave the coastal territory and remain at higher elevations.

Earlier, a similar warning issued Pacific Center National Weather Service U.S. (US National Weather Service). It applies to Hawaii, as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and other countries. As informs television channel NBC, in Hawaii reported weak earthquakes.

According to the American meteorologists coast of Hawaii’s waves can reach is at 02:45 on March 11 local time. At the same time or before the tsunami may go to Alaska. Residents of the American West should expect a tsunami after about 07:00

The earthquake occurred on the morning of 11 March, 130 kilometers off the coast of Japan’s Miyagi prefecture. Its magnitude was 8.9. Following the fluctuations in soil covered with Japan, the tsunami height on some segments of the coast exceed ten meters.

Estimated times of tsunami arrival in USA


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