Created World’s Smallest Camera, Size of a Grain of Salt

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World's Smallest Camera

Created World’s Smallest Camera, Size of a Grain of Salt

Researchers at the German Fraunhofer Institute have created the smallest camera in the world. It is a cube whose side length is one millimeter, that’s no larger than a grain of salt.

Total square matrix has 250 pixels horizontally and vertically.Thus, its resolution is about 0.06 megapixels. For comparison, the resolution of the camera in low cost mobile phones is about 0.3 megapixels. In the “top” models, this figure is more than 8 megapixels, but further development may boost the spec the megapixel range.New product was developed in collaboration with the Japanese company Awaiba.

It is assumed that it will be used in medical technology it has the potential to re-invent medical cameras used to navigate surgeries,cameras attached to tubes that assist in surgeries and internal examinations. Endoscopes are relatively expensive and need to be sterilized after every procedure. According to the developers, the price will be so low that the camera can be disposed after use.
Part of the challenge for creating effective microcameras is the manufacturing process, which requires that image sensors be created in bulk on a single wafer, then separated and attached to individual lenses. Fraunhofer says it’s found a way to mount lenses in bulk on top of the sensor wafer, simplifying—and cheapening—the process, at least for this microcamera.

The creators of a new camera are hoping that it will be used in consumer electronics and automotive industries. It is expected that mass production of microcameras will start in 2012.

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