Baku:Anti-government protestors arrested/ Rally Dispersed (VIDEO)

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Azerbaijan anti-government protestors arrested/ Rally Dispersed (VIDEO)

Azerbaijani police arrested at least 53 opposition activists in central Baku on March 12, reports RIA Novosti . Initially, the opposition of the Musavat Party, filed an application for a rally on Fountain Square in the heart of the city, but was refused by the city authorities.

Supporters of the opposition party marched toward the Primorsky Boulevard, shouting “Freedom!” and “Resign!”. Participants of the rally claimed that the police detained them in a harsh manner, using batons.

On Friday opposition media reported the detention of more than a dozen young activists of various movements, who planned to hold a rally in central Baku

Demonstrators gathered on a central square of the capital Baku on Saturday, shouting slogans that included calls for the resignation of government officials. Muzavat party leader Isa Gambar said the demonstration marked the start of a movement for change and vowed to continue the fight. Dozens of activists were arrested earlier on Friday after police clamped down on their attempted rally.

MARCH 12 2011

MARCH 11 2011

2010 After Presidential Elections

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