Hitler’s secret origin revealed the DNA test

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Hitler’s secret origin revealed the DNA test

Journalists finally managed to expose Hitler. Having a DNA examination of a relative of the famous dictator, experts realized that biologically, he was associated with those races, the Third Reich tried to obliterate.

journalist Jean-Paul Mulders and historian Mark Vermeer were looking for Hitler’s relatives. They took saliva samples from Hitler’s nephew – 61-year-old American Alexandra Stuart-Houston. Moreover, in order to get valuable biological material, they had to lie in ambush and wait for a Hitler’s relative to have dinner at the restaurant. After that they took the napkin, which used Stuart-Houston.

As a result, samples of his saliva was found chromosome E1b1b (Y-DNA), a rare, not only for residents of Germany, but even for Western Europeans . “Most often it occurs in the Berbers, the indigenous inhabitants of North Africa, living in Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia, as well as the Jews” .

However, this is not the first time that experts speak about Jewish roots of Hitler. Some scientists believe that Hitler’s father was the illegitimate son of a peasant woman Anna Maria Schicklgruber and a Jew named Frankenberger. And not a seasonal worker Johann Georg Gidlera who recognized the child and married Anna Maria.

According to some accounts, the nephew of Adolf Hitler, Patrick knew about this family secret. He even tried to blackmail his uncle. However, Hitler’s personal lawyer was soon released data, ostensibly, completely refuting the Jews from Hitler. This happened before the beginning of World War II, so the incident was quickly forgotten.

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  1. The n Afro genes would be contained in his Jewish grandfathers DNA not because he was subsaharan. Food for thought their are to this day Caucasian white Berbers and was during the Islamic occupation of Spain.

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