Access to Facebook blocked in Saudi Arabia.

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Access to Facebook blocked in Saudi Arabia.

The Government of Saudi Arabia on Nov. 13 has blocked access to residents of the country’s social networking site Facebook, reports Associated Press. According to the Facebook Statistics, in this country there are about 3 million users of social networks.

As explained on condition of anonymity, an official from the Commission for Communications and Information Technologies of the country, this decision was taken by that office. The reason for the lock was nesoblidenie Facebook “conservative moral principles of the country.

It is reported that the ban is temporary, but did not specify when exactly will have access to social networks. At the moment, when you visit a site, Internet users in Saudi Arabia in a browser window pops up an error message and the site will not open.

Note that Saudi Arabia was not the first country, blocking access to the largest sotsseti world. Earlier in the brief period of Facebook blocked the government of Syria, Iran and Pakistan. In October 2010, one day Facebook was blocked by the authorities of Uzbekistan.

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