Computer with military secrets sold on eBay for $ 30

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Computer with military secrets sold on eBay for $ 30

UK resident who bought used laptop on eBay, found on computer hard drive information relating to British military operations in Afghanistan. It is reported by The Daily Mail.

The hard disk drive, in particular, contained information about the size of the armed forces and the location of positions in the Afghan city of Helmand, the lists of munitions in storage, and information on patrols. In this case, to gain access to the files do not even require a password.

A computer Toshiba Satellite A30 on eBay in this case was only 18.87 pounds (about 30 U.S. dollars). This was because the car was in fact inoperative. However, the new laptop owner has withdrawn from his hard drive and connect the drive information to another computer.

“Before I immediately realized that such things should not be sold on eBay. It becomes a bit scared when think about what a computer could get into the hands of anyone,” – told by the buyer. The hard drive itself, he decided to pass the Defense Ministry spokesman.

It was found that the previous owner of the laptop is an officer of British forces, Robert Sugden. According to him, he was sure that no information on the hard disk is not preserved. Sugden ostensibly as a preventive measure even caused damage to a computer with a hammer and then threw it.

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