Jessica Alba teach her 2 year-old daughter three languages

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Jessica Alba teach her 2 year-old daughter three languages

American actress Jessica Alba will teach her daughter Honor Marie three languages, Jessica hopes that the girl will learn to be fluent in English, French and Spanish.

We note that to date the age of her daughter Jessica was less than two and a half years. Honor Marie was born in June 2008. However, now the girl’s parents talking to her in two languages – English and Spanish.

In what follows Jessica plans to give his daughter to school with a French bias. However, the actress hopes that in three years Honor Marie will be able to at least a little say in three languages.

Jessica Alba was widely known for her roles in television series. In particular, she participated in the filming of such projects as “Flipper” and “Dark Angel”. In addition, the actress starred in the films “Fantastic Four”, “Sin City” and “Machete.”

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