Legendary LSD dealer known as Bear, died in Australia

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LSD icon Owsley 'Bear' Stanley dead at 76; killed in car accident in Australia

LSD icon Owsley 'Bear' Stanley dead at 76; killed in car accident in Australia

Legendary LSD dealer known asĀ Bear, died in Australia

In Australia, from car accident died Owsley Stanley, nicknamed Bear, which in 1960 was one of the main suppliers of the hallucinogenic drug LSD to U.S. Stanley was 76 years old.

Stanley started producing LSD in 1965, when the drug was sold in the U.S. legally. In total, he managed to produce about pound of LSD, which is equivalent to about five million doses. Soon, In 1967, after the prohibition of LSD in California, police raided the laboratory of Stanley and seized about 300 thousand doses of hallucinogens. At trial, the drug manufacturer argued that the entire LSD found was intended for personal use. Stanley was sentenced to three years in prison. It is believed that he was the first man who began to produce LSD in large scale.

Also, Owsley Stanley was known for his work with rock band The Grateful Dead. He met with the musicians in 1966 during the joint use of LSD and became their sound engineer. Subsequently, he built for The Grateful Dead sound system, The Wall of Sound. The Wall of Sound was considered a significant technical achievement of the 1970’s.

Owsley Stanley was killed near his home in the Australian state of Queensland on Saturday, March 12. The car, which he was driving, crashed into a tree. Together with Stanley in the car was his wife Sheila, who received minor injuries.

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