World’s Youngest Alcoholic: 3 years old Child

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3 years old Alcoholic

3 years old Alcoholic

World’s Youngest Alcoholic: 3 years old Child
A three years old child was hospitalized in Britain because of alcoholism. According to experts, he became the youngest alcoholic in the country, writes The Daily Telegraph. As it became known to doctors, three-year-old boy from Birmingham, whose name was not mentioned, regularly consumed alcohol within six months. This led to the development of alcohol dependence – without another portion of booze the child developed symptoms of withdrawal. It is assumed that alcohol was found at home.

Local control of the National Health Service (NIH) reported that from 2008 to 2010, his staff had to provide assistance to 13 children under 12 years and 106 adolescents aged 13 to 16 years, who were suffering from alcohol dependence. Another 74 Britons aged 13 to 16 years were admitted to emergency department with acute alcohol intoxication.

According to the Action Team on Alcohol Concern, the number of juveniles admitting to the hospital due to overdose of alcohol in 2010 increased by one third. Ambulance Service West Midlands has received 1296 calls for such patients this year, which cost taxpayers nearly 250,000 pounds (more than 400 thousand dollars).

Representatives of the charity Drinkaware reminded that alcohol consumption during childhood and adolescence not only leads to the formation of severe dependence, but also causes long-term damage to vital organs such as brain, heart and liver.

After reports of a three-year old alcoholic, member of parliament from the Liberal Democrats Lorili Bert (Lorely Burt) urged the Government to introduce a minimum price for alcoholic drinks to make them less accessible.

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