Gaddafi’s son said Libya financed “clown” Sarkozy’s Election Campaign

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Gaddafi’s son said Libya financed “clown” Sarkozy’s campaign

Sarkozy election campaign was funded by Libya

Libya financed the campaign of French President Nicolas Sarkozyin 2007, said Seif al-Islam, son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi .Gaddafi’s son said that he has credible proof of his words, and demanded that “this clown” Sarkozy to return the money, to “the Libyan people.”

The son of the Libyan leader said that within 48 hours the conflict in the country will be over. He explained that all opponents of Gadhafi will be allowed to leave the country. “We do not want to kill, we do not want revenge, but you, criminals, mercenaries, you committed a crime against the Libyan people. Go away, go in peace in Egypt,” – he turned to the insurgents and said that troops loyal to Qadhafi are already on the outskirts of  Benghazi.

France became the first country to recognize the power in Libya of the National Transitional Council of the rebels who campaigned to overthrow Gaddafi. Recognition of the NPC actually means breaking relations with the Gaddafi regime.

Gaddafi on Tuesday, March 15, said that he believes Sarkozy is  his good friend, “but he thinks that the French president suffer from mental illnesses. Libyan leader explained that about this disease Sarkozy told people who are close to him.

It is worth noting that France, along with several other countries is the initiator of the resolution, which must come before the UN Security Council, on the possible application of precision strikes in the fight against the forces of al-Gaddafi.

The unrest in Libya, developed into a civil war began in mid-February. The rebels managed to seize a number of major cities in Libya, including Benghazi.

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