Former Foreign Minister of Iraq Tariq Aziz sentenced to life imprisonment

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Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz

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Former Foreign Minister of Iraq Tariq Aziz sentenced to life imprisonment

The Supreme Criminal Court of Iraq has sentenced a prominent politician of the former Iraqi regime Tariq Aziz, to life imprisonment. Former deputy prime minister accused of involvement in the massacre of Shia Muslims in 1980s.

Supreme Court determined Aziz, a former Interior Minister, where involved in the murder of Shia men during the former ruling Baath Regime. Aziz and Shaker found guilty of murdering the sons of Ayatollah Mohsen al-Hakim, a key figure behind the 1960 Shia political movement in Iraq. Last year, Aziz was sentenced to death by hanging for other crimes.He was the Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister from 1981 to 2003 and one of the best-known faces of Hussein’s regime. He also served as Foreign Minister in that period.

In 2003 he voluntarily surrendered to American troops, and later transferred to the custody of the Iraqi government and imprisoned at the Kadhimiya prison in Baghdad. Aziz’ relatives have voiced their concern regarding his deteriorated health and called for clemency

Over the years imprisonment Aziz, who suffers from diabetes and clogged blood vessels of the brain and heart diseases, repeatedly placed in a prison hospital. In January 2010 he suffered a stroke.

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