Gaddafi promised to transform Mediterranean into “a battlefield”

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Gaddafi Threatens To Attack Mediterranean

Gaddafi Threatens To Attack Mediterranean

Gaddafi promised to transform Mediterranean into “a battlefield”

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has threatened to strike at military and civilian targets throughout the Mediterranean in response to “aggression” by the international coalition forces. On Sunday, March 20, reported Agence France-Presse , with reference to phone call to Libyan state television.
Gaddafi said that the army depots in the country are open to anyone who wants to protect his country from the “barbaric attack”. According to the leader of Libya, from now on all the Mediterranean has become “a real battlefield.”
The Libyan leader called the station to threaten retaliation for Western strikes on his country.
He declared the attacks “an assault against a sovereign state, an assault against Libya” and claimed the Mediterranean had been turned into a “real battlefield”.
The leader went on to inform civilians that “arms depots” had been opened so they could defend Libya.
He also called upon “nations of the Arabic world” to support the “victorious Libyan people” in stopping what he called “lunatic aggression that has no justification whatsoever”.
Previously reported that Gaddafi personally appeared in national television but the channels broadcast only audio recording of his speech. This could be done in order to keep secret the location of the dictator.

Speech by Muammar Gaddafi was in response to an international military intervention, which began in Libya on March 19 Saturday.

Later on Saturday a military operation had joined the U.S. and Britain. The operation was named’Odyssey Dawn’.

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