US version of the Tata Nano to cost more than Indian

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US version of the Tata Nano to cost ‘$7,000 or $8,000

US version of the Tata Nano to cost ‘$7,000 or $8,000

The US version of the Tata Nano to cost more than Indian,

Minicar Tata Nano, is considered to be the cheapest car in the world, after entering to US market will be worth about four times more expensive than in India.Tata Chairman Says U.S. Car Will Cost ‘$7,000 or $8,000

In 2008, when the Tata Nano was introduced for the first time, the cost of the car in the Indian market amounted to 100 thousand rupees, or about 2.1 thousand dollars.This car will not be worth two thousand dollars in US. Its price will be at seven or eight thousand dollars. However, it will still be, in comparative terms, a car that the U.S. would accept.”,” – said Ratan Tata, the Tata Group chairman.

According to the Tata Group chairman, the American version of the Nano would be produced with “the same design philosophy” and “frugal engineering” that informed development of the Nano for the Indian market.

Hatchback Nano has a rear-engined layout and is equipped with engine capacity of 623 cubic centimeters, which allows a maximum speed of 105 kilometers per hour. In India, the price of the model currently vary from state sales – the average cost of the vehicle is about 133,000 rupees (2.9 thousand dollars).

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