The most powerful supercomputer in the world is Chinese

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The most powerful supercomputer in the world is Chinese

The Chinese system of Tianhe-1A officially topped list of 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world. Reported in the press release

A new edition of the list of supercomputers was published on November 11. It Tianhe-1A, on whose creation was announced in late October, American system of Cray Jaguar XT5 slipped from the top line.

Performance of the Chinese system was almost 47 percent higher than the Cray. According to the Linpack benchmark its performance is 2.57 petaflops (quadrillion floating point operations per second). Cray index is equal to 1.75 petaflops.

Note that the three most powerful systems became another Chinese supercomputer – a system Nebulae. Its performance is equal to 1.27 petaflops.

The Russian system “Lomonosov”, was 13th in the previous edition now is down to the 4 position.

Other Highlights from the Latest List

Cray Inc., the U.S. firm which was long synonymous with supercomputing, has regained the number two spot in terms of market share measured in performance, moving ahead of HP, but still trailing IBM. Cray’s XT and XE systems remain very popular for big research customers, four of which are in the Top 10.

HP is still ahead of Cray measured in the number of systems, and both are trailing IBM.

Intel dominates the high-end processor market, with 79.6 percent (398) of all systems using Intel processors, although this is slightly down from six months ago (406 systems, 81.2 percent).

Intel is now followed by the AMD Opteron family with 57 systems (11.4 percent), up from 47. The share of IBM Power processors is slowly declining with now 40 systems (8.0 percent), down from 42.

Quad-core processors are used in 73 percent (365) of the systems, while 19 percent (95 systems) are already using processors with six or more cores.

China Grabs Supercomputing Leadership Spot in Latest Ranking of World’s Top 500 Supercomputers

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