Earth Without Women in Near Future

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Earth Without Women in Near Future

Statistically, it is known that for every 100 girls there are about 105 boys in the world.However, the discovery of ultrasound and the scientific ability to control the sex of a child in 1992 led to the fact that the number of newborn boys, in particular, in the Chinese province of Henan, has increased to 125 to 100 girls. As noted by scientists, in twenty years the situation may become even more critical and the dominance of the stronger sex may increase by 10-20%.
According to Professor Therese Hesketh from Center for International Health and Development,  who is one of the leading authors of the study, many Asian women, especially those already having one or two daughters are willing to perform abortions up until they become pregnant with boys. As a result, a few years later, many residents of these countries will have difficult time to find a wife. Inability to get married can lead to serious mental health problems and cause an increase in violence and crime.

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