Spectrum Computer maker has developed an electric scooter

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E.max electrical scooter
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Spectrum Computer maker has developed an electric scooter

Inventor of the first personal computer ZX Spectrum Sir Clive Sinclair announced the release of an electric scooter of its own design.Sinclair’s company currently taking pre-orders for the novelty – an advance payment of one hundred pounds and the first owners will get their scooters in July of next year.

Overall length of new items, called the X-1, is 2.09 meters, width – 1,4 meters, and height – only 69 centimeters. The car will receive steel chassis, carbon fiber underbody, the safety cage, disc brakes, 16-inch wheels and a transparent acrylic roof. Weight Sinclair X-1 – 30 kilograms. In the motion of the scooter will be powered 190-watt electric motor, fed from a set of lithium-polymer batteries. Cruising and battery charging time is not reported.

In the UK scooter Sinclair will drive any man who age of 14, a driver license is not required. In addition to X-1 does not require insurance and pay the toll.
Cost of Sinclair X-1 is 595 pounds.

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