Israel urges West to move the Libyan experience on Syria and Iran

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West should treat Syria, Iran like Libya: Israel

West should treat Syria, Iran like Libya: Israel

Israel urges West to move the Libyan experience on Syria and Iran

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that relations with Syria and Iran, the West should use the same principles and methods as in the case of Libya.

According to Lieberman, Tehran and Damascus are greater threat to peace than Tripoli. “These two regimes have killed far more of its citizens, than Libyans. And for the world they represent more serious danger,” – said the diplomat.The minister also said that Iran and Syria, like Gaddafi regime, are responsible for the brutal suppression of demonstrations in support of democracy in these countries.

At the same time an Israeli minister did not directly ask the West to bomb Damascus and Tehran.

In aninterview with Reuters after meeting his French counterpart, Alain Juppe, Avigdor Lieberman also said a recent upsurge of violence on the Gaza border and Wednesday’s bomb attack in Jerusalem were “incitement” by the Palestinians.Lieberman did not explicitly call for military action against Syria and Iran, but he said: “I think that the same principles, activities the Western world (has taken) in Libya … I hope to see those regarding the Iranian regime and the Syrian regime.”

At present, several western countries are using air and naval forces in operations against the Libyan regime. The use of force on their part was authorized by UN Security Council, which allowed to take all necessary measures to protect the civilian population in Libya

Israel has traditionally been hostile to Iran and Syria. Neither Tehran nor Damascus does not recognize Israel’s right to exist, calling him a “Zionist entity.”

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