Queen of Sweden was injured because of paparazzi

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COLOGNE, GERMANY - OCTOBER 17:   Queen Silvia ...

Queen of Sweden was injured because of paparazzi

Queen of Sweden was injured because of paparazzi

Queen Silvia of Sweden injured her foot, while trying to escape from  paparazzi who was chasing her, reported Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

The incident occurred during Queen Sylvia’s visit to New York. The Queen, along with one of her daughters, Princess Madeleine, was in a clothing store on Madison Avenue. Paparazzi waited for her at the store exit and started taking pictures, paying no attention to requests to stop taking pictures.

Sylvia decided to leave the store through the back door. Making her way to the car that was waiting for  her, the queen stumbled, fell and injured her leg and wrist. Injury did not prevent her planned activities in New York. However, witnesses claim that the Queen had to use a walking cane.

It is reported that the photographer, because of which Queen Sylvia was injured, was hired by the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

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